Carolon Anti-Embolism Stockings

Carolon Anti-Embolism stockings ensure patients receive the highest quality protection against pulmonary embolism through a broad range of sizes including both knee and thigh length and adjustable designs for bariatric patients, those with oedema and following surgery.

  • Unique design two way stretch fabric – ensuring the stockings stay in place
  • Inspection hole – allowing convenient monitoring of pulse, skin colour and temperature
  • No pressure in toe area  - allows free movement without constriction
  • Floating heel pocket  - virtually eliminating any unwanted pressure on the heel or toe areas
  • Non-constrictive thigh band  - to keep stocking in optimal position
  • Compression break in thigh – to ensure normal blood flow in femoral artery and vein
  • Adjustable panel – allows precise control of the fit and compression at the upper thigh
  • Easy to apply – the adjustable panel can be opened during application
  • Comfortable - contoured for accurate fit, cool and lightweight
  • Durable – may be laundered and tumble dried whilst retaining compression rates
  • Accurate ankle measuring system ensures 18mmHg ankle compression