CUI International is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Ostomy and Hernia support products.

The range has been specifically designed to enable the wearer to experience a sense of great comfort and confidence as the appliance is supported and held securely.

Each item is fitted with the CUI Wear patented inner pocket system, which houses the stoma bag and provides an excellent support system that, is unobtrusive and ensures full confidence and privacy. The scoop shape of the inner pocket sits snugly around the flange and prevents the elastic from digging/pushing into the pouch thus reducing leakage accidents. All pockets have an opening at the bottom for drainage.

The purpose made garments are suitable for all pouch types and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes for both men and women. Watch the video to see how it works

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BHIS™Post-operative Cardiothoracic Support Bra


CUI Wear and a respected Cardiothoracic NHS Trust have been working in partnership to develop a bespoke post-operative cardiothoracic support bra with unique features that provide optimal comfort and assist with reducing post-operative wound site infection.


Details of the BHIS™post-operative cardiothoracic support bra can be found here.