Kendall AMD

Kendall™ AMD Antimicrobial Foam dressings are efficient, cost effective and compliant with most protocols. Kendall™ AMD Antimicrobial Foam dressings, handle it all with new dressings that can lead to ideal healing environments – all while being cost effective and compliant with most existing wound care protocols. Impregnated with 0.5% PHMB (Polyhexamethylene Biguanide).

Key Benefits

  • PHMB is combined with a foam base providing a highly effective antimicrobial dressing in an easy to use presentation
    • Impregnated with 0.5% PHMB (Polyhexamethylene Biguanide) a safe antiseptic with broad-spectrum activity against gram negative and gram positive bacteria, fungi and yeast including: MRSA, VRE, Pseudomonas aeruginosa [1-3]
    • PHMB helps to maintain normal skin barrier function by not inhibiting the growth of normal skin flora that are crucial to the control of bacterial balance [4]
    • PHMB binds to the cell membranes of micro-organisms causing holes to form.  The cells subsequently leak, causing them to collapse and die within 30 minutes – this will occur in both wet and dry conditions [3,5]
    • PHMB also impacts bacterial metabolism, starving cells of energy [3]
  • The cleverly constructed foam absorbs fluid and prevents pooling in the wound and shrinks when the amount and flow of exudate decreases, preventing the wound surface from drying out
  • Effective fluid retention even under compression
  • Polyurethane back sheet avoids strike through when under compression and to provide protection against bacteria
  • Non-adherent material, with no shedding of fibres or particles to minimise pain on removal
  • Soft, conformable and comfortable for patients to wear
  • As PHMB maintains its activity in the presence of wound exudate and the dressing has a highly absorptive core the dressings can remain in place for up to 7 days [2,3]
  • Available in non-adherent and bordered presentations
  • New gentle adhesion dressing now available to reduce pain on removal


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