MIST Therapy is a non-contact low frequency ultrasound delivered through a saline mist.

The sound waves of this non-thermal, painless treatment penetrate into and below the wound bed to mechanically stimulate cells.

MIST Therapy addresses the barriers to healing by stimulating the wound environment and actively impacting the wound bed.

The gentle sound waves of MIST Therapy penetrate into and below the wound bed and as a result, healing barriers are removed and cells are stimulated to accelerate the normal healing process.

Removing Barriers

  • Reducing sustained inflammation[12,19]
  • Reducing MMP-9[19]
  • Reducing a wide range of bacteria[4,11,14]
  • Disrupting biofilm[20]

Stimulating Cells

  • Increased perfusion through vasodilation[16]
  • Earlier release of growth factors[17,19]
  • Increasing angiogenesis[18]
  • Increasing collagen deposition[18]