News - 2015

September 2015

H&R Healthcare Ltd enter into distribution agreement with Synapse Electroceutical
H&R Healthcare are pleased to announce a new partnership with Synapse Electroceutical, a leading UK based health technology company for the distribution of Accel-Heal®®, a Synapse Externally Applied Electroceutical (EAE) technology.

Commenting on the agreement John Gildersleeve, CEO of Synapse said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with H&R Healthcare enriching their wound care portfolio with our EAE Accel-Heal®®. The H&R team with their expertise in the distribution of highly effective and innovative wound care products are the perfect partner for Accel-Heal®®

Accel-Heal®® is an Externally Applied Electroceutical (EAE) for the treatment of complex wounds and is the only EAE proven to expedite effective healing by changing physiological processes implicated in wound complexity. Accel-Heal®®, uses micro-currents to support tissue repair by interacting with biological processes that have become static within the wound, targeting a key underlying cause of why wounds do not heal.

Mike Hoskins, MD of H&R Healthcare stated “We are delighted to be able to bring the benefits of Accel-Heal®® to both patients and carers. Accel-Heal®® is a genuine breakthrough technology for the treatment of leg ulcers, combining outstanding clinical outcomes with excellent value for money to the NHS”

Accel-Heal®® will be listed on drug tariff and available for clinical prescribing from 1 October 2015. It is a 12 day treatment course consisting of six, pre-programmed, battery powered, 48 hour single use units, applied consecutively and is the world’s first disposable system.

September 2015

H&R Healthcare Ltd enters into a distribution agreement with Biotec Pharmacon ASA
H&R Healthcare is pleased to announce a new partnership with Biotec Pharmacon ASA for the distribution of Woulgan® within UK and Ireland. Biotec is a market leading organisation with activities in the fields of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and animal feed and H&R Healthcare look forward to working with our new commercial partner with this promising product.

Woulgan® is a primary dressing containing soluble beta-glucan (SBG®) and is approved for use in dry or low exuding partial and full thickness dermal wounds. It will first be targeted towards chronic wounds including Diabetic foot ulcers. Woulgan® offers unique claims including the ability to modulate the immunological system by activating macrophages and supporting the wound healing process, supported by a significant number of studies and scientific papers. Diabetes effects more than one in 20 people in the UK and the illness is causing 100 amputations each week. Woulgan® provides a unique advanced wound care offering for this complex patient group.

July 2015

Surgihoney – a new technology and medical innovation
Surgihoney is a new-engineered honey that is being hailed as a medical innovation, potentially ground breaking new technology and is the latest product to join our ever-expanding portfolio!

It works by the release of active oxygen atoms into wounds, boosting the body’s ability to fight infection and heal. Surgihoney has been shown to be clinically effective in the treatment of a wide range of acute and complex chronic wounds. To find out more, visit

May 2015

Acquisition of sorbion by BSN Medical
From 1 May 2015, BSN Medical will take over full responsibility and stock holding of the sorbion range. All sorbion orders should be placed with BSN Medical from 1 May onwards, please use the following BSN Medical contact information:

Customer Services Phone Number: 0845 122 3600
Customer Services Fax Number: 0845 122 3666

March 2015

H&R Healthcare acquires CUI International
H&R are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired CUI International, a leading supplier and manufacturer of Ostomy and Hernia support products.
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