Proshield Plus

Proshield Plus is a greaseless, fragrance free dimethicone based skin protectant with copolymer bioadhesives, designed to provide effective skin protection from the effects of urine, faeces, friction and shear.

Indicated for the protection of intact and injured skin associated with incontinence and for clinically dry skin.

Applying Proshield Plus*

  • Proshield Plus should be gently smoothed over the area of intact or injured skin, do not rub in as this may cause friction. Proshield Plus will leave a visible barrier on the surface of the skin.
  • A thin layer will suffice for the protection of intact skin, apply more generously if risk factors increase (e.g. friction and shear or moisture lesions) or the skin condition deteriorates.

*see product insert leaflet for full instructions for use

Dos and Don'ts

To ensure optimum results follow the guidance below:

  • DO use to provide a long lasting protective barrier
  • DO apply a thin layer to normal intact skin and irritated skin in the perineum
  • DO apply a liberal layer to severely excoriated skin associated with diarrhoea, skin rashes and incontinence associated dermatitis
  • DO apply a liberal layer to injured skin associated with incontinence (e.g. partial thickness wounds, moisture lesions and up to grade II pressure ulcers)
  • DO apply incontinence products directly over the protected area
  • DO reapply following each incontinence episode
  • DO reapply if no sheen is visible on the surface of the skin
  • DO use on clinically dry skin and peri-wound areas
  • DO apply a liberal amount to help provide protection from friction and shear forces
  • DO use on sensitive skin
  • DO use over fungal creams to keep them in place
  • DO NOT use adhesives over Proshield Plus as they will not stick to the protected area
  • DO NOT use for injuries greater than partial thickness wounds

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Proshield Plus has a special “sticky” consistency to ensure it provides an effective barrier that stays in place, helps reduce friction and shear and adheres to moist lesions
  • For the best results we recommend thorough cleansing to be carried out after each incontinent episode before the barrier cream is re-applied
  • There may be no need to use dressings over the injured area as it is protected from urine and faeces whilst enabling visibility of the skin
  • Once open the products may be used through to their expiry dates