Proshield Plus

Proshield Plus is a greaseless, fragrance free dimethicone based skin protectant with copolymer bioadhesives, designed to provide effective skin protection from the effects of urine, faeces, friction and shear.

Indicated for the protection of intact and injured skin associated with incontinence and for clinically dry skin.

Key Benefits

  • Effective barrier – against skin irritation

  • Preventative - suitable for daily use as a preventative measure to help protect healthy intact skin which is subject to the effects of incontinence

  • Protective - easy to apply to injured skin and adheres well to moist wounds.  Provides protection from diarrhoea and incontinence

  • Moisturising - indicated to protect and moisturise clinically dry skin

  • Does not clog absorbent pads or dressings

Where can Proshield Plus be used?

  • Elderly patients
  • Children
  • Intact skin
  • Injured skin (e.g. excoriated and partial thickness wounds up to grade II associated with incontinence)
  • Protection from urine and faeces
  • To help provide protection from friction and shear forces
  • To help reduce the risk of incontinence associated dermatitis
  • For clinically dry skin
  • To moisturise and leave skin supple and hydrated