Zorflex is a unique naturally antimicrobial and conductive wound contact layer which aids wound healing in complex wounds[1] through its potential to stimulate fibroblast proliferation.

Zorflex is the only 100% carbon dressing designed as a conformable contact layer with a natural triple action effect:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Conductive
  • Odour management

Applying Zorflex*

  1. Cleanse the wound bed with sterile water or follow local guidelines, ensure that the wound bed is free from any traces of creams or ointments
  2. Cut the dressing to shape, covering the peri-wound if maceration is evident
  3. Apply the dressing directly to the wound surface either way up, with the direction of stretch running along the limb to allow movement
  4. Secure Zorflex with an appropriate secondary dressing/compression therapy or with a retention sheet, tape or bandage that allows the transfer of exudate into the secondary dressing without disturbing Zorflex or the wound bed.

    N.B. The performance will be impaired if not placed directly onto the wound.

*See product insert leaflet for full instructions for use.

  1. Young, S. and Gray, S. A retrospective study to evaluate the effect on an activated carbon dressing on chronic wounds. Wounds UK poster. 2015.