Kendall Calcium Alginate

Kendall™ Calcium Alginate dressings are a soft, sterile, non-woven dressing composed of calcium-sodium alginate fibres. When Kendall™ Calcium Alginate dressings come into contact with wound exudate they develop a gel consistency. Also available is Kendall™ Calcium Alginate with Zinc providing added benefits.

Application instructions

  • Cleanse the wound site with wound cleanser or normal saline
  • Gently pat the wound (with sterile 4” by 4” gauze sponge) and surrounding skin to remove excess moisture
  • Apply wound dressing (either side) to moist wound surface
  • Cover with secondary dressing and secure in place (e.g. hypoallergenic cloth tape) or a semi-occlusive film (e.g. transparent dressing)
  • Change the dressing* when the secondary dressing becomes saturated or change accordingly to the established protocol by a health care professional

*A heavily exuding wound may require dressing changes once or twice a day.  As the wound heals and exudate is reduced, dressing changes can be made less frequently (every 2-4 days) or as directed by a health care professional.


Kendall™ Calcium Alginate dressings are not indicated for third degree burns or for use as a surgical sponge. They are not designed to control heavy bleeding and are contraindicated for that purpose.